(Last update on any part of the website: 31 August 2021)

Please note the new location of this website. · · · Recent news and upcoming events · · · I have just been invited onto the editorial board of the new journal Research Methods in Applied Linguistics · · · Tobias J. Bernaisch and I just received approval from the German Research Foundation (DFG) for our grant proposal "Epizentren des Englischen als Weltsprache: empirisch-diachrone Studien zum Gegenwartsenglischen im anglophonen Südasien / Epicentres in World Englishes: empirical diachronic studies of present-day South Asian Englishes" (3 years, EUR 382,100 / US$ 454,400) · · · In March 2021, I am part of 3 of the 10 most cited papers in the International Journal of Corpus Linguistics · · · I'm about to submit a two-paper paper on what association measures measure and how to measure dispersion without frequency · · · I just submitted a chapter on corpus linguistic and computational methods for analyzing communicative competence from a usage-based perspective to a volume called Communicative competence in a second language: Theory, method, and applications · · · I just submitted a chapter on quantitative methods of cognitive semantics for the Handbook of cognitive semantics · · · I just submitted a chapter on statistical methods in corpus linguistics for the volume Readings in Corpus Linguistics: A teaching and research guide for scholars in Nigeria and beyond · · · I just submitted a chapter on corpus linguistics and the cognitive/constructional endeavor for the Cambridge Handbook of Construction Grammar · · · I just submitted a chapter on new technologies and advances in statistical analysis in recent decades for The Handbook of Usage-Based Linguistics · · · my paper with Magali Paquot & Monique Yoder on measuring lexicogrammar has just been accepted for The Routledge Handbook of SLA and Language Testing · · · my paper with Sandra C. Deshors on using corpora in research on L2 psycholinguistics has just been accepted for The Routledge Handbook of Second Language Acquisition and Psycholinguistics · · · my paper 'MuPDAR for corpus-based learner and variety studies: two (more) suggestions for improvement' has just been accepted for publication · · · the Practical handbook of corpus linguistics that I have been co-editing with Magali Paquot has just been published (after just 6 rounds of proofs with Springer ... worst publishing experience ever, never again) · · · my paper with William N. Eskridge Jr., & Brian G. Slocum 'The meaning of sex: Dynamic words, novel applications, and original public meaning' has just been publiished in the Michigan Law Review · · · my paper with Aline Ferreira & John W. Schwieter 'Assessing indicators of cognitive effort in professional translators: A study on language dominance and directionality' has just been published here · · · my paper with Viola G. Miglio 'Acceptability of different psychological verbal constructions by Heritage Spanish speakers from California' has just been published in Languages · · · my paper 'A new approach to (key) keywords analysis: using frequency, and now also dispersion' has just been published (online first view) in Research in Corpus Linguistics · · · my Methods Showcase article "(Generalized Linear) Mixed-Effects Modeling: A Learner Corpus Example" has just been open-access published by Language Learning · · · I was just invited to write an overview paper on the use of mixed-effects modeling in second language studies for the Journal of Second Language Studies · · · I was just invited to give three 2-hour lectures on mixed-effects modeling and general statistics in corpus linguistics at Shanghai Jiao Tong University, 22 July 2021 · · · Chadi Ben Youssef and I will present our paper "Code-switching in Tunisian Arabic: a multifactorial corpus study" at Corpus Linguistics 2021 (University of Limerick and Mary Immaculate College, 13 July 2021) · · · I will present a paper "A multi-dimensional approach to multi-word units (MWUs)" at Corpus Linguistics 2021 (University of Limerick and Mary Immaculate College, 13 July 2021) · · · I was just invited to be a panelist at the workshop 'Exploring Powerful Tools to Ensure Robust and Reproducible Results in Corpus Linguistics' at ICAME 2021, University of Dortmund, 18 August 2021 · · · I will teach a 2-hour hands-on workshop at the workshop "Recent Approaches to the Quantitative Study of Language: Rules and Un-rules" held (online) by the Universities of Neuchâtel and Fribourg; 14-15 October 2021) · · · I will give a plenary talk at the conference of the International Society for the Linguistics of English, University of Queensland, Brisbane, in July 2023)