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Collostructional analysis: · · · A completely revised version of coll.analysis is now available at https://www.stgries.info/teaching/groningen/index.html · · · Papers just published: · · · T.J. Bernaisch, STG, & B. Heller, "Theoretical models and statistical modelling of linguistic epicentres" (World Englishes) · · · STG, "MuPDAR for corpus-based learner and variety studies: two (more) suggestions for improvement" (Broadening the spectrum of corpus linguistics: New approaches to variability and change) · · · STG, "What do (some of) our association measures measure (most)? Association?" (Journal of Second Language Studies) · · · STG, "What do (most of) our dispersion measures measure (most)? Dispersion?" (Journal of Second Language Studies) · · · STG, "Towards more careful corpus statistics: uncertainty estimates for frequencies, dispersions, association measures, and more" (Research Methods in Applied Linguistics) · · · papers to be published: · · · C.B. Youssef & STG, "Code-switching in Tunisian Arabic: A multifactorial random forest analysis" (Corpora) · · · S.C. Deshors & STG, "Corpora in World Englishes" (2nd ed. of the Encyclopedia of Applied Linguistics) · · · STG, "Corpus-linguistic and computational methods for analyzing communicative competence: contributions from usage-based approaches" (Communicative competence in a second language: [...]) · · · STG, "Corpus linguistics and the cognitive/constructional endeavor" (Cambridge Handbook of Construction Grammar) · · · STG, "New technologies and advances in statistical analysis in recent decades" (The Handbook of Usage-Based Linguistics) · · · STG, "Quantitative corpus methods of cognitive semantics" (Handbook of cognitive semantics) · · · STG, "Statistical methods in corpus linguistics" (Readings in Corpus Linguistics: A teaching and research guide for scholars in Nigeria and beyond) · · · STG, "Overhauling collostructional analysis: Towards more descriptive simplicity OR more explanatory adequacy" (Cognitive Semantics) · · · STG, Michael Kranzlein, Nathan Schneider, Brian G. Slocum, & Kevin Tobia, "Unmasking textualism: linguistic misunderstanding in the Transit Mask Order Case and beyond" (Columbia Law Review) · · · talks/workshops to be given: · · · Bernaisch, T.J., STG, N.S. Funke, & K. Schmidt, "Empirical short-term diachronic studies on a linguistic epicentre of South Asian Englishes" (South Asian Languages Analysis Roundtable 36 / Meeting of the Linguistic Society of Nepal 43, Madan Bhandari Memorial College, 26-29 November 2022) · · · STG, "Levels of resolution in corpus-based studies" (paper at AAAL 2023, Portland OR, 18-21 March 2023) · · · Tobia, K., B.G. Slocum, & STG, "From extensional to intensional meaning: a new corpus-linguistic take on ordinary meaning" (paper at AAAL 2023, Portland OR, 19 March 2023) · · · STG, TBA (plenary talk, International Society for the Linguistics of English, University of Queensland, Brisbane, 19-23 June 2023) · · · STG, "Predictive modeling: advanced applications" (5-day bootcamp at the University of Marburg, 17-23 July 2023) · · · new editorial board memberships: · · · Research Methods in Applied Linguistics, Ampersand, Forum for Linguistic Studies other: · · · I have just reached 18,000 citations on Google Scholar · · · my two Ph.D. students (co-supervised with Tobias J. Bernaisch) Nina Sophie Funke and Karola Schmidt won first and second prize for pre-doctoral student presentations at ICAME 2022 · · · This article in The Verge, for which I was interviewed and in which I am quoted, discusses the use of corpora for legal interpretation · · · Christoph Rühlemann, Peter Auer, Marion Schulte, and I just received approval from the German Research Foundation (DFG) for our grant proposal "Der Beitrag multimodaler Abschlussignale zur zeitlich präzisen Turn-Übergabe" (3 years) · · ·