(Last update on any part of the website: 18 January 2022)

· · · Recent news and upcoming events · · · I have just been invited onto the editorial board of the new journal Research Methods in Applied Linguistics · · · Tobias J. Bernaisch and I just received approval from the German Research Foundation (DFG) for our grant proposal "Epizentren des Englischen als Weltsprache: empirisch-diachrone Studien zum Gegenwartsenglischen im anglophonen Südasien / Epicentres in World Englishes: empirical diachronic studies of present-day South Asian Englishes" (3 years, EUR 382,100 / US$ 454,400) · · · I just submitted a chapter on corpus linguistics and the cognitive/constructional endeavor for the Cambridge Handbook of Construction Grammar · · · I just submitted a chapter on new technologies and advances in statistical analysis in recent decades for The Handbook of Usage-Based Linguistics · · · I just submitted a paper on identifying multi-word units to a special issue of Lexis · · · my paper with Tobias J. Bernaisch & Benedikt Heller 'On the relation between theoretical models and statistical modeling: the case of linguistic epicentres' has just been accepted for publication in World Englishes · · · my paper 'MuPDAR for corpus-based learner and variety studies: two (more) suggestions for improvement' has just been accepted for a volume Broadening the spectrum of corpus linguistics: New approaches to variability and change · · · my chapter on corpus linguistic and computational methods for analyzing communicative competence from a usage-based perspective was just accepted for a volume called Communicative competence in a second language: [...] · · · my chapter on quantitative methods of cognitive semantics was just accepted for the Handbook of cognitive semantics · · · my paper "Statistical methods in corpus linguistics" was just accepted for the volume Readings in Corpus Linguistics: A teaching and research guide for scholars in Nigeria and beyond · · · my paper "Multi-word units (and tokenization more generally): a multi-dimensional and largely information-theoretic approach" was just accepted for publication in Lexis · · · my paper 'Corpus linguistics and the law: Extending the field from a statistical perspective' has just been published in the Brooklyn Law Review · · · my paper "What do (some of) our association measures measure (most)? Association?" was just published ahead-of-print by the Journal of Second Language Studies · · · my paper "What do (most of) our dispersion measures measure (most)? Dispersion?" was just published ahead-of-print by the Journal of Second Language Studies · · · my paper "Managing synchronic corpus data with the British National Corpus (BNC)" was just published in the MIT Open Handbook of Linguistic Data Management · · · my paper "Towards more careful corpus statistics: uncertainty estimates for frequencies, dispersions, association measures, and more" was just published as the inaugural paper by Research Methods in Applied Linguistics · · · I will teach a pre-conference workshop on random forests at the German Society of Cognitive Linguistics conference at the University of Erfurt (01 March 2022) · · · I will teach a "Predictive modeling with R" bootcamp at the University of Duisburg-Essen (21-25 March 2022) · · · I will give a plenary talk at the conference of the International Society for the Linguistics of English, University of Queensland, Brisbane (July 2023)