1 Assignment 04

Central question: is the choice of try to- vs. try and-constructions (I’m gonna try to fix this problem vs. I’m gonna try and fix this problem, which is in the column TRY) dependent in some way on the following 3 predictors and all their interactions:

  • MODE: whether the data represent spoken (spk) or written (wrt) English;
  • VARIETY: whether the data represent American (amer) or British English (brit);
  • CLAUSE: does the clause in which try is used with to or and already involve another to (as in we’re going -> to <- try and beat this thing) or not (other)?

(Source: Hommerberg, Charlotte & Gunnel Tottie. 2007. Try to or Try and? Verb complementation in British and American English. ICAME Journal 31. 45-64.)

Analyze the data like we discussed and summarize the results (briefly).

summary(x <- read.delim(        # summarize x, the result of loading
   file="105_11d_try-corp.csv", # this file
   stringsAsFactors=TRUE))      # change categorical variables into factors
##       CASE       TRY       VARIETY      MODE        CLAUSE
##  Min.   :   1   and:1631   amer:1187   spk:2257   other:1662
##  1st Qu.: 808   to :1598   brit:2042   wrt: 972   to   :1567
##  Median :1615
##  Mean   :1615
##  3rd Qu.:2422
##  Max.   :3229